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10:00am-6:00pm by appointment only

Have you ever had a question that you did not know how to answer? What is my next step? How can I get unstuck? What did I come here to do? Questions like these are what Massage Tahoe’s psychic readings are designed to address. The answers can change your life when you discover guidance from a high benevolence that knows who you really are.

We offer the best psychic readings in Incline Village, and we encourage you to combine a reading with a massage therapy service. Many spiritual issues can become stuck in the body. We have a very high accuracy rating, because our psychic readings are spiritually based. Life path readings, medical intuitive readings, angel healing, and energy clearing are our specialties. We can work with people from all over the world by phone or through Skype readings, and clients will receive an emailed recording to listen to later.

At Massage Tahoe in Lake Tahoe, NV, we use our gifts for positive results. We can help you with issues related to your health questions, spiritual connections, relationships, career, abundance, and many more areas of guidance. Whatever you need to know will come up in the perfect way. Our combined massage therapy, nutrition coaching, and psychic life readings will work in harmony to heal and release any pain, stress, or blockages that are preventing you from healing your body and spirit.

All of the information we share comes from a pure, safe, and sacred space. Explore what the future holds by scheduling your psychic reading today!