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At Massage Tahoe in Lake Tahoe, NV, we know that taking care of your body is easier said than done. From massage therapy to nutrition coaching and psychic life readings, we help guide and educate our clients in an understanding of wellness to improve their health inside and out. Our goal is to help you spend your time and energy feeling and staying well, rather than dealing with delays from illness and injury.

Massage Tahoe has been practicing massage therapy since 1986. Many of our clients love to combine massage with a psychic reading, and we have been offering combined psychic and massage services for decades. As a leader in the holistic field, we ran our own massage therapy certification training program for 12 years at our Sierra Gold Country School, The Windwalk Institute.

In addition to our massage, nutrition, and psychic readings, we have been playing music for parties since 1963. Our VidEBook comes from a long history of paper books, the first being published in 1980. We have a vibrant, active blog and YouTube channel, and we encourage you to subscribe for updates on relevant health and prosperity topics.

We schedule appointments for quality so that each client receives 100% of our attention. While we are capable of keeping our massage therapist fully booked for the day, we choose to instead focus on limiting bookings in order to focus on delivering quality to our clients and encouraging self-care for our therapists. We take care of ourselves in order to ensure the optimal massage experience for you. This is how we have earned our slogan, “Tahoe’s deeper wellness experience.”

At Massage Tahoe in Lake Tahoe, NV, we want to celebrate the joy of living on earth with you! We bid you Namas-Day! Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment now.

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